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Shift Happens …

Today is a good day. The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky. Even the birds are singing. Yes, life is sweet, just the way you planned it or at least on its way to your idea of perfection. Suddenly, Bang! Boom! Pow! seemingly out of nowhere Life Happens. You were minding your own business, traveling down/up your own path and in the twinkling of a eye, in an instant you find yourself, your world and affairs smack dab in the middle of an inconvenient interruption to your status quo. What will you do, what happens when SHIFT HAPPENS?pexels-photo-305264

 In general, natural disasters and man-made tragedies happen all over the world every  minute of everyday. Hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, tsunamis, and more are the stuff breaking news stories are made of; especially when there is a great threat of loss of life and property. In cities, towns communities and villages, homicides, suicides, burglaries, vehicle accidents (on the ground and in the air), miscellaneous acts of hatred and violence including wars are enough to make one’s head spin. And, of course, there are the changes that occur with what I call the “Circle of Life” Events: Birth, living, death and transition. While we may pause for a moment of silence, prayer or a brief reflection, none of us really skip a beat until shift happens to us.

In the state of California we can be sure of three things: (1) Earthquakes, (2) Wildfires and (3) The rain, mudslides and floods that follow. As with anything else, these events occur in cycles. Earthquakes pretty much happen all of the time, as the Earth itself is a living breathing planet. It is always moving and stretching and shifting; we just don’t realize it because most of the time it happens so deep below the surface we just don’t notice.  Oh, but just let this beautiful blue marble cough, sigh or yawn a little closer to Terra-firma and folks will be diving under tables and headed for the nearest doorway! An earthquake is like an avalanche; there is usually no warning ahead of time. One minute nothing. The next there’s a whole lot of shaking going on.

In this year, the United States of America has certainly experienced its share and more of disasters and life changing events. Of all of them, Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and the California Wildfires were the catalyst for this writing. I guess because of the sheer numbers of families (especially children) impacted. Homes lost. Businesses lost. lives lost. Hope lost. Suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye all it seems is lost.

When what you had no longer exists, you must be about the business of creating a new form of your existence. Make no mistake about it, you will most likely have to accept your new reality even if for a little while. It is what it is. But the good news is, the power to change it is entirely up to you.pexels-photo-272254

Rebuilding after loss requires strength, hope, heart, patience, determination and a measure of faith. If you are connected with a church, synagogue, temple or another type of spiritual ministry, hopefully you have access to a good support system to help guide you to better days. If your support system is non-existent or lacking, don’t despair.

There are many resources available to you; from social media to community services, neighbors and yes even strangers. Just remember to reach out: seek and you will find. You are not now, not ever alone. Whatever your challenge today, it will pass. We’d like to think that you will find something on to encourage you. Lift you. Empower you. Be a place of information, comfort and peace for you.pexels-photo-264196

Someone once said; “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Well, that’s only partially true. There is actually a third component: CHANGE. You may not be able to control the initiating circumstances but how you react is 100% up to you. Not all detours, potholes and road hazards are negative or a bad sign. When you can’t see beyond the brokenness of your situation it is very easy to fall into the trap of believing what you see.

Don’t believe what you see, rather, see what you believe. pexels-photo-243170

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