The Mirror

When I look in the mirror

Sometimes I see
An image I don’t alwaysdogs-430192__340
Recognize as me.

When I look in the mirror
Sometimes I see
The face of a world
That is always judging me.


Wrinkles and lines
Erosion of timehand-2262740_960_720
A life in progress
Failure, success.

When I look in the mirrorbinary-3168094__340
All I ever see

Is everything you told me,
programmed me to be




Mirror, mirror, mirror
there in front of me;
Turn yourself into glass                                  carnival-1991815__340Beyond I need to see

For a mirror only reflects
The distortion, the lie
It cannot project
The truth, the you which lives inside

When I look in the mirror
I forget what I see
Is a house made of clay
That is going away

I fix and repair it
Do the best that I can
To care for this temple
Not made by man’s hands.

When I look in the mirror, all I ever see is



What could have been and should have been and

What used to be.




When I look in the mirror
mirroring-2095539__340The first thing I see
Is the physical world and
Three dimensional me

When I look in the mirror
more closely I see
No color, no shape,
no size, no weight

A heart and a soul
Windows and Doors
The mind of the Father
A place where I can rest.


A third eye all seeing
All knowing, not blind
Showing, revealing the only way
In is up and out is in

When I look in the mirrorabstract-3170825__340
Sometimes I smile and see
The fourth, fifth and beyond
Dimensional being living inside is

©2018 I AM The Prophetess Jayn Harris
January 17, 2028 @ 12:05 pm PST