What Does God Look Like?

I grew up in a home steeped in Christian religious tradition. We had a big family bible which was kept in the living room and of course smaller ones which were for personal use. There were various artifacts such as necklaces and nick-nacks bearing the universal symbol of Christianity: crosses (not crucifixes – we were Baptist), a picture/painting of ‘The Last Supper’ and of course a personal portrait of White Jesus. We knew full well that he wasn’t God, but he was, after all, God’s only begotten son. Like Father, like Son, right?

Although as a child, I was never comfortable, never one hundred percent accepting of this blonde-haired blue-eyed Jesus, like so many others, I just kept my opinion to myself. What I did, however, was to attend church, bible study, Sunday school and anything else that would teach me about the invisable God and his son, the Savior called Jesus. The more I learned the more I could see that there was no way Jesus was a white man!

After many years, I finally concluded that since God created all mankind in His image, then the “face” of God would look like every one and no one in particular. Right then and there I made a conscious decision to look at people differently. I am truly fascinated by the infinite ways God invisiable chose to express itself in physical form. 

Do you have a particular concept of what God would look like if he/she/it walked among us? Would you, could you recognize God in a crowd?

I made this video with the world in mind. I hope it makes you smile. I hope it makes you wonder and think. I hope it opens yours eyes wide enough to see that the Face of God is too wonderful, too marvelous, too spactacular to be limited to the space within a picture frame.





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