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BECOMING who you are created to BE

There is one constant in all the world, one constant in all the Universe: CHANGE. Without it growth, evolution and, well life itself would be impossible at best and quite boring least. We are created perfectly for change. It is a process that is expressed as joyous, painful, demanding, challenging, saddening, uncomfortable and, well, you get the picture. Trust me, it pays to learn how to just go with the flow!

Every second of everyday, everything and, everyone is changing. Why? Because life is energy and energy is always in motion. Most changes are microscopic or minute and take place without our noticing it in real time. However, there is one change that is almost always impossible to overlook or deny: TRANSFORMATION. Witnessing a transformation is truly something to behold! It is both a new birth/creation and a rebirth/recreation happening at the same time. Welcome to the ever changing you!

What We Believe

Everything is Consciousness – Everything is Mind

META (beyond) PHYSICS (physical) – SPIRITUALITY (invisible life force) – FAITH (trust) – INSPIRATION (Divine Energy)

The words that I write, speak and teach are for those who dare to think beyond limits of any kind in pursuit of All-TRUTH which will ultimately lead you to your intended end: Becoming Who YOU are Created to BE. Be cautioned, these pages and this ministry (I am here to serve and enlighten) are not for the faint of heart or the fearful. The concepts and ideas expressed here may very well challenge your life in the status quo and your entire belief system may become shaken to the core! Please understand that this is my intention: to open your (third) eye and see with clarity all that is within and without.

Everything is created to evolve. Growth and true transformation is a process. My purpose is to help you want you to learn how to recognize and trust the process of your journey – yes, the changes of your life. Enter into the realm of unlimited possibilities and spiritual revelations as you become the intention of your creation.


There is ONLY ONE. That ONE, call It SOURCE, FIRST CAUSE, PRIME, ALPHA, GOD, DIVINE MIND, YAHWEH or whatever your culture or language teaches; it really does not matter the way that you think that it does. I use all of the above interchangeably as you will see. GOD is not physical, has no gender or ego except as expressed by his creations who do so by free will. GOD is immutable (not capable of change therefore is always “IS as it IS”) The ONE is the CREATOR of ALL. Period.

There is the “THINKER” and then there is the “THOUGHTS” that the thinker thinks. Thoughts Become Things.

All that is created exists within the space we call the UNIVERSE (as in ONE). Think of the ONE as DIVINE MIND. All creation and manifestations begin first in DIVINE MIND. We have within our minds as unique and individual expressions the same characteristics of the DIVINE MIND with one exception: we have the ability to “change” our mind – our thinking. This is intended by GOD to allow us to experience our unique evolutionary process of transformation. GOD does not change, transform or, become. GOD simply IS.

There is ONLY ONE that exists everywhere at once, inside and outside the UNIVERSE. So, it can be said that the UNIVERSE contains the thoughts of DIVINE MIND expressed as, well, everything within it! How marvelous is that? Before anything was created, before our self-awareness, we existed within the MIND of GOD! Awesome!

Are you one who is seeking to find your purpose in life? Do you wonder why you were born/created in the first place? Truth is, no one can answer these questions for you. Teachers and Prophets such as myself can help guide you along your path, but only you can discover your own reason for being. Every choice you make, every experience along your journey’s path will either reveal or lead you to that which you are seeking. Be it the family that you are born into, your neighborhood and culture, to the people who you meet, date, marry or parent, it is all part of your Divine Design. It is all a part of your unique process of transformation.

Your path and mine are independent of one another and, yet, we are eternally connected to each other because we are all the same: an expression of the ONE. So, do not waste precious time trying to identify your purpose. Just keep traveling your road creating and living your life. Learn all that you can. Stop and smell the flowers along the way. Put more than just your toes in the water. Run when you feel like it (think Forrest Gump). Rest when you need to. To the best of your ability, use all the senses available to you. LOVE. Always show and give LOVE.

Remember, everyone you meet is a mirror reflection of you, perceived flaws and all. We are all physical expressions/thoughts of the INEXPRESSIBLE ONE. You are not separate from SOURCE. You are ONE with ONE as ONE. Whatever is true of GOD is true of you. Just as you have the physical DNA of your biological parents, you have the SPIRITUAL DNA of the CREATOR of ALL, both masculine and feminine energies.

Therefore, whatever your dreams, your wishes, your imaginations and, your desires, nothing is impossible. It is all within the realm of your mind to accomplish building and living in the world of your creation. You are filled with the energy of the cosmos.


Thank you for sharing time with The I AM Thank you for sharing time with me as we navigate this wonderous realm we call Earth and our lives in active transformation. GOD/SOURCE in my, recognizes and honors the same in You.

NAMASTE Peace and Blessings!

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Children Live What They Learn


If children live with criticism,

They learn to condemn.
bears-974462__340.jpgIf children live with hostility,
They learn to fight.
If children live with ridicule,
They learn to be shy.


  If children live with shame,
They learn to feel guilty.

 If children live with encouragement,
They learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance,
They learn to be patient.
If children live with praise,
They learn to appreciate.
If children live with acceptance,
They learn to love.

If children live with approval,
They learn to like themselves.
If children live with honesty,
They learn truthfulness.
If children live with security,

They learn to have faith in themselves and others.
If children live with friendliness,
They learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

Copyright © 1972/1975 by Dorothy Law Nolte

Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.
This is the author-approved short version.


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The Audacity of Authenticity


Conscious – Awake – Aware


Engaged – Proactive – Involved

The Answer – The Solution – The X Factor

The Innovator – The Creator – The Inventor

The Storyteller – The Historian –  The Legacy

The Way-shower – The Light – The Christ

Kindness – Compassion – Love


Isn’t it funny how we are always pushing others to express themselves and live in the glory of their authentic self? Well, it seems that it is easier said than done. While its true that is what we say and how we feel (kinda), we only mean it if you do it our way. Ah, to control the narrative of someone else’s story!

Look around. All that is, all that exist is a testament and a constant reminder of the greatness and immeasurable Creative Intelligent Mind that only created originals. Think about that for a second. No two anything are exactly alike, not even identical twins! There is nothing random or happenstance about anything or anyone in the universe. All is purposed and all represents a unique and intelligent idea that originated in Divine Mind, which means of course, we are by our very nature divine. Talk about some good news!

Colored Glass In Hand

Our physical world (Earth) is supposed to mirror the spiritual world (Heaven) not in the way it looks (impossible) but in the way it and we operate; the way in which we live. Task in hand, Mind-kind  instituted rules (laws) to create a system of order which is supposed to help us to work, live and play with others in peace and enjoyment.  Many if not most of man’s laws are borne out of fear and exist for no other purpose than to place other mind-kind in a heretical system of subjugation. All too often different is misinterpreted as less than or inferior to that which is perceived to be more than or superior.

One of the challenges we face in our humanness is to learn to accept those who appear different or unique. We tend to gravitate to that which looks and feels most familiar to us. We shy away and are even afraid of that which we perceive as different or other. This behavior is contrary to our design. Love created us. Love abounds. Love is everlasting, which is eternal.

So, gives? Why isn’t it easier to not only say but live “Namaste” – The God in me sees and honors the God in you instead of disliking, distrusting and not loving you because we are not cookie cuts? Well, the root cause is not hatred or bigotry. These are symptoms of the true disease. Contrary to popular belief, hate is not the opposite of love.

Let’s explore this further and deepen our understanding of the one true enemy of Mind/kind: FEAR.  Yes , you read that correctly. The opposite of love is fear. Some have assigned an acronym for it: False Evidence Appearing Real and False Expectations Appearing Real. Keep It Real  Yes, these are good soundbites intended to reduce fear to the nothingness that it is. But soundbites are just that. Its time to go deeper and that means its time to go higher.

Fear itself is uncomfortable. It is other. It is unknown. It is unnatural. It is not what lies in darkness, it is the darkness. Fear has no power. No existence. No being. It is only what and who we believe it to be. Fear is nothing, absolutely nothing.   And Fear is the one thing that God did not create. Fear is a creation straight from the immature mind of man. Fear gives meaning to the darkness we find ourselves in when we take our “eye” off of God. We deem ourselves to be worthy of The God that is, instead of the gods we are.  Just pause and let that marinate for a moment.

Authenticity Red Pencil

You and I were created in Divine God-Mind happy, healthy, whole/complete. We are lacking nothing. Wanting nothing. In fact, all that we would ever hope for, dream of, think of, was created in us from the beginning. Each of us received a uniquely individual personality and skill set which matches up perfectly with God’s idea of itself expressed as you and me. The only thing God did not give us is the spirit or consciousness of fear. Are you with me so far? Great! So let’s step all the way in and make it plain:

Before God .. well there isn’t a “before God” so no need to go there. Everything that is, was created by God and expresses Elohim God in whatever form it chose to manifest – people, places and things.

One of my favorite descriptions of God All Mind is found in Bible Scriptures. I John 4:8 identifies God as Love. I Corinthians 13 identifies the attributes, the character of Love/God. To understand all that love is, is to understand all that God is. And all that God is not.

So, now you are knowing.Authenticity

Only when you are knowingly engaged and connected with All-Mind are you living and being authentically purposed, authentically true, authentically YOU.

When we “imitate” the Father, whatever He says, I do; whatever He does, I do. It is only when we become as the Father, we can live our authentic self; walk in the audacity of our authenticity.