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BECOMING who you are created to BE

There is one constant in all the world, one constant in all the Universe: CHANGE. Without it growth, evolution and, well life itself would be impossible at best and quite boring least. We are created perfectly for change. It is a process that is expressed as joyous, painful, demanding, challenging, saddening, uncomfortable and, well, you get the picture. Trust me, it pays to learn how to just go with the flow!

Every second of everyday, everything and, everyone is changing. Why? Because life is energy and energy is always in motion. Most changes are microscopic or minute and take place without our noticing it in real time. However, there is one change that is almost always impossible to overlook or deny: TRANSFORMATION. Witnessing a transformation is truly something to behold! It is both a new birth/creation and a rebirth/recreation happening at the same time. Welcome to the ever changing you!

What We Believe

Everything is Consciousness – Everything is Mind

META (beyond) PHYSICS (physical) – SPIRITUALITY (invisible life force) – FAITH (trust) – INSPIRATION (Divine Energy)

The words that I write, speak and teach are for those who dare to think beyond limits of any kind in pursuit of All-TRUTH which will ultimately lead you to your intended end: Becoming Who YOU are Created to BE. Be cautioned, these pages and this ministry (I am here to serve and enlighten) are not for the faint of heart or the fearful. The concepts and ideas expressed here may very well challenge your life in the status quo and your entire belief system may become shaken to the core! Please understand that this is my intention: to open your (third) eye and see with clarity all that is within and without.

Everything is created to evolve. Growth and true transformation is a process. My purpose is to help you want you to learn how to recognize and trust the process of your journey – yes, the changes of your life. Enter into the realm of unlimited possibilities and spiritual revelations as you become the intention of your creation.


There is ONLY ONE. That ONE, call It SOURCE, FIRST CAUSE, PRIME, ALPHA, GOD, DIVINE MIND, YAHWEH or whatever your culture or language teaches; it really does not matter the way that you think that it does. I use all of the above interchangeably as you will see. GOD is not physical, has no gender or ego except as expressed by his creations who do so by free will. GOD is immutable (not capable of change therefore is always “IS as it IS”) The ONE is the CREATOR of ALL. Period.

There is the “THINKER” and then there is the “THOUGHTS” that the thinker thinks. Thoughts Become Things.

All that is created exists within the space we call the UNIVERSE (as in ONE). Think of the ONE as DIVINE MIND. All creation and manifestations begin first in DIVINE MIND. We have within our minds as unique and individual expressions the same characteristics of the DIVINE MIND with one exception: we have the ability to “change” our mind – our thinking. This is intended by GOD to allow us to experience our unique evolutionary process of transformation. GOD does not change, transform or, become. GOD simply IS.

There is ONLY ONE that exists everywhere at once, inside and outside the UNIVERSE. So, it can be said that the UNIVERSE contains the thoughts of DIVINE MIND expressed as, well, everything within it! How marvelous is that? Before anything was created, before our self-awareness, we existed within the MIND of GOD! Awesome!

Are you one who is seeking to find your purpose in life? Do you wonder why you were born/created in the first place? Truth is, no one can answer these questions for you. Teachers and Prophets such as myself can help guide you along your path, but only you can discover your own reason for being. Every choice you make, every experience along your journey’s path will either reveal or lead you to that which you are seeking. Be it the family that you are born into, your neighborhood and culture, to the people who you meet, date, marry or parent, it is all part of your Divine Design. It is all a part of your unique process of transformation.

Your path and mine are independent of one another and, yet, we are eternally connected to each other because we are all the same: an expression of the ONE. So, do not waste precious time trying to identify your purpose. Just keep traveling your road creating and living your life. Learn all that you can. Stop and smell the flowers along the way. Put more than just your toes in the water. Run when you feel like it (think Forrest Gump). Rest when you need to. To the best of your ability, use all the senses available to you. LOVE. Always show and give LOVE.

Remember, everyone you meet is a mirror reflection of you, perceived flaws and all. We are all physical expressions/thoughts of the INEXPRESSIBLE ONE. You are not separate from SOURCE. You are ONE with ONE as ONE. Whatever is true of GOD is true of you. Just as you have the physical DNA of your biological parents, you have the SPIRITUAL DNA of the CREATOR of ALL, both masculine and feminine energies.

Therefore, whatever your dreams, your wishes, your imaginations and, your desires, nothing is impossible. It is all within the realm of your mind to accomplish building and living in the world of your creation. You are filled with the energy of the cosmos.


Thank you for sharing time with The I AM Thank you for sharing time with me as we navigate this wonderous realm we call Earth and our lives in active transformation. GOD/SOURCE in my, recognizes and honors the same in You.

NAMASTE Peace and Blessings!


What Does God Look Like?

I grew up in a home steeped in Christian religious tradition. We had a big family bible which was kept in the living room and of course smaller ones which were for personal use. There were various artifacts such as necklaces and nick-nacks bearing the universal symbol of Christianity: crosses (not crucifixes – we were Baptist), a picture/painting of ‘The Last Supper’ and of course a personal portrait of White Jesus. We knew full well that he wasn’t God, but he was, after all, God’s only begotten son. Like Father, like Son, right?

Although as a child, I was never comfortable, never one hundred percent accepting of this blonde-haired blue-eyed Jesus, like so many others, I just kept my opinion to myself. What I did, however, was to attend church, bible study, Sunday school and anything else that would teach me about the invisable God and his son, the Savior called Jesus. The more I learned the more I could see that there was no way Jesus was a white man!

After many years, I finally concluded that since God created all mankind in His image, then the “face” of God would look like every one and no one in particular. Right then and there I made a conscious decision to look at people differently. I am truly fascinated by the infinite ways God invisiable chose to express itself in physical form. 

Do you have a particular concept of what God would look like if he/she/it walked among us? Would you, could you recognize God in a crowd?

I made this video with the world in mind. I hope it makes you smile. I hope it makes you wonder and think. I hope it opens yours eyes wide enough to see that the Face of God is too wonderful, too marvelous, too spactacular to be limited to the space within a picture frame.






The Mirror

When I look in the mirror

Sometimes I see
An image I don’t alwaysdogs-430192__340
Recognize as me.

When I look in the mirror
Sometimes I see
The face of a world
That is always judging me.


Wrinkles and lines
Erosion of timehand-2262740_960_720
A life in progress
Failure, success.

When I look in the mirrorbinary-3168094__340
All I ever see

Is everything you told me,
programmed me to be




Mirror, mirror, mirror
there in front of me;
Turn yourself into glass                                  carnival-1991815__340Beyond I need to see

For a mirror only reflects
The distortion, the lie
It cannot project
The truth, the you which lives inside

When I look in the mirror
I forget what I see
Is a house made of clay
That is going away

I fix and repair it
Do the best that I can
To care for this temple
Not made by man’s hands.

When I look in the mirror, all I ever see is



What could have been and should have been and

What used to be.




When I look in the mirror
mirroring-2095539__340The first thing I see
Is the physical world and
Three dimensional me

When I look in the mirror
more closely I see
No color, no shape,
no size, no weight

A heart and a soul
Windows and Doors
The mind of the Father
A place where I can rest.


A third eye all seeing
All knowing, not blind
Showing, revealing the only way
In is up and out is in

When I look in the mirrorabstract-3170825__340
Sometimes I smile and see
The fourth, fifth and beyond
Dimensional being living inside is

©2018 I AM The Prophetess Jayn Harris
January 17, 2028 @ 12:05 pm PST






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Children Live What They Learn


If children live with criticism,

They learn to condemn.
bears-974462__340.jpgIf children live with hostility,
They learn to fight.
If children live with ridicule,
They learn to be shy.


  If children live with shame,
They learn to feel guilty.

 If children live with encouragement,
They learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance,
They learn to be patient.
If children live with praise,
They learn to appreciate.
If children live with acceptance,
They learn to love.

If children live with approval,
They learn to like themselves.
If children live with honesty,
They learn truthfulness.
If children live with security,

They learn to have faith in themselves and others.
If children live with friendliness,
They learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

Copyright © 1972/1975 by Dorothy Law Nolte

Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.
This is the author-approved short version.




Don’t just learn, experience.
Don’t just read, absorb.
Don’t just change, transform.
Don’t just relate, advocate.
Don’t just promise, prove.
Don’t just criticize, encourage.Innovation Words
Don’t just think, ponder.
Don’t just take, give.
Don’t just see, feel.
Don’t just dream, do.
Don’t just hear, listen.
Don’t just talk, act.
Don’t just tell, show.
Don’t just exist, live.
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

  This is your time. Get out in front make the whole experience into a parade. It is your time to be PRO-Active and not RE-Active. Get it done, get it done. Just do it! Just … BE.

Living in the age of a technological explosion is exciting indeed. It does, however, have its upside as well as another side. One the upside, all of the knowledge and information of this world is literally at our fingertips. Smartphones, watches and tablets are now competing with other more traditional computers for keeping track of and running our daily lives. Let’s face it, a world without computers just doesn’t exist any more. No  more information by Pony Express, radio or black and white TV in twelve hour increments. We live our lives out loud and in full spectrum color … 24 hours a day! So, what is the down, I mean other side of this age? Believe it or not, its the same as the upside!

Although a day is still measured in twenty-four hour cycles it is rarely split evenly into day and night. A once 40 hour workweek is now 50 or even 60 hours; more often than not divided into two or three jobs. Thanks to a variety of social, economic and political impacts, a traditional family is no longer the simple math of Father + Mother + 2.5 kids + a dog. The blending of families across generational  as well as cultural bloodlines is the new normal.


So, what happened to all of that “extra” time we acquired through the use of technology? Its clear it is being used just to keep up; just to make our short ends meet.  These days it takes more time to make/earn the same amount of money as it did fifty years ago. What a shame! It turns out in our quest for more time, so much of the valuable time we already had was suddenly no longer as accessible as it once was.

I can remember when spending hours at the library, or perusing sheet and vinyl music at the record store was the stuff dreams were made of. My friends and I would cross the train tracks just to go to the nearby park on Saturdays to watch my younger brothers play little league baseball. Oh, and don’t get me started about writing (yes writing) letters to each other and passing them before, after and in between classes. A phone call to the next city was sometimes considered long distance and it cost a lot! If you were away from home and needed to make a call, hope you had some dimes and way to the nearest phone booth (move over Superman!). Now, your phone is wherever you are. Yes it seems with all the advances and improvements in our world, we are always moving, always on,the go, but not getting anywhere…fast.

There is so much more to life and living than wake, eat, play, sleep and repeat. Life itself is more.

So when you say there isn’t enough hours in the day remember time hasn’t changed;only your perception of it.





Your challenge from this moment on –  BE